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Prestressed Concrete Beam Lintel

Prestressed Concrete Beam Lintel

SizeDimensionRef Inc VAT
BL1038900100mm x 140mm3'£12.99£15.59view
BL1039100mm x 140mm
1.05M x 3'6"
BL10401200100mm x 140mm4'£17.33£20.79view
BL10411500100mm x 140mm5'£21.67£26.00view
BL10421800100mm x 140mm6'£25.99£31.18view
BL10432100100mm x 140mm7'£30.33£36.39view
BL10442400100mm x 140mm8'£34.66£41.59view
BL10452700100mm x 140mm9'£38.98£46.77view
BL10463000100mm x 140mm10'£43.32£51.98view
Prestressed Concrete Lintel

Prestressed Concrete Lintel

SizeDimensionRef Inc VAT
BL1001900100mm x 65mm3'£6.20£7.43view
BL1002100mm x 65mm
1.05M x 3'6"
BL10031200100mm x 65mm4'£8.28£9.93view
BL10051500100mm x 65mm5'£10.34£12.40view
BL10061800100mm x 65mm6'£12.40£14.87view
BL10072100100mm x 65mm7'£14.48£17.37view
BL10082400100mm x 65mm8'£16.54£19.84view
BL10092700100mm x 65mm9'£18.62£22.34view
BL10103000100mm x 65mm10'£20.68£24.81view
BL1011900140mm x 65mm3'£8.32£9.98view
BL1012140mm x 65mm
1.05M x 3'6"
BL10131200140mm x 65mm4'£11.09£13.31view
BL10141500140mm x 65mm5'£13.89£16.66view
BL10151800140mm x 65mm6'£16.66£19.98view
BL10162100140mm x 65mm7'£19.43£23.31view
BL10172400140mm x 65mm8'£22.20£26.64view
BL10182700140mm x 65mm9'£24.98£29.97view
BL10193000140mm x 65mm10'£27.75£33.30view
BL1020900215mm x 65mm3'£14.42£17.30view
BL1021215mm x 65mm
1.05M x 3'6"
BL10221200215mm x 65mm4'£19.23£23.07view
BL10231500215mm x 65mm5'£24.05£28.85view
BL10241800215mm x 65mm6'£28.84£34.60view
BL10252100215mm x 65mm7'£33.65£40.38view
BL10262400215mm x 65mm8'£38.47£46.15view
BL10272700215mm x 65mm9'£43.26£51.91view
BL10283000215mm x 65mm10'£48.07£57.68view