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Galvanized Primofit Coupling NBR Seals

Options: Inc VAT
HR10151/2", 102051£22.05£26.46view
HR10203/4", 102052£23.98£28.77view
HR10251", 102053£26.93£32.31view
HR10502", 102056£53.99£64.79view

Galvanised Primofit Coupling NBR Seals

Options: Inc VAT
HR10321.1/4", 102054£33.97£40.76view
HR10401.1/2", 102055£40.54£48.64view


Options: Inc VAT
HR2106565mm, 2.1/2", 63-85mm, VJ30002£79.47£95.36view
HR2108080mm, 3", 85-107mm, VJ32895£95.34£114.40view
HR21100100mm, 4", 107-132mm, VJ30004£110.83£132.99view


Options: Inc VAT
HR2206565mm, 2.5", 75.0-84.0mm, VJ00187£137.51£165.00view
HR2208080mm, 3", 92.3-103.0mm, VJ00013£205.92£247.10view
HR22100100mm, 4", 115.0-125.6mm, VJ15539£238.09£285.71view

Lead Coupling Copper

Options: Inc VAT
HR30510153/8", 5LB, Lead x 15mm£6.59£7.91view
HR30615151/2", 6LB, Lead x 15mm£7.42£8.89view
HR30715151/2", 7LB, Lead x 15mm£7.00£8.40view
HR30920223/4", 9LB, Lead x 22mm£14.42£17.30view

Lead Coupling Poly

Options: Inc VAT
HR30715201/2", 7LB, Lead x 20mm£9.48£11.37view
HR30715251/2", 7LB, Lead x 25mm£10.51£12.60view
HR31120253/4", 11LB, Lead x 25mm£15.66£18.78view

Lead Coupling 1" X 16LB Lead X 1" Female

HB code: HR3162525    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£36.26 +vat)

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