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Coil Poly Tube Diameter

Coil Poly Tube Diameter

DimensionColour Inc VAT
HP102002520mm x 25MBlue£12.00£14.40view
HP102005020mm x 50MBlue£24.00£28.80view
HP102010020mm x 100MBlue£48.00£57.60view
HP102502525mm x 25MBlue£14.80£17.76view
HP102505025mm x 50MBlue£29.60£35.52view
HP102510025mm x 100MBlue£59.20£71.04view
HP103202532mm x 25MBlue£24.40£29.28view
HP103205032mm x 50MBlue£48.80£58.56view
HP103210032mm x 100MBlue£97.60£117.12view
HP105002550mm x 25MBlue£66.00£79.20view
HP105005050mm x 50MBlue£132.01£158.40view
HP106302563mm x 25MBlue£93.60£112.32view
HP106305063mm x 50MBlue£187.21£224.64view
HP202510025mm x 100MBlack£59.20£71.04view
Coil Protecta-Line Pipe

Coil Protecta-Line Pipe

Dimension Inc VAT
HO02255025mm x 50M£318.91£382.69view
HO02325032mm x 50M£411.14£493.36view
HO02632563mm x 25M£563.23£675.87view
HO02635063mm x 50M£1,126.46£1,351.75view
Coil Yellow Poly Tube Diameter

Coil Yellow Poly Tube Diameter

Dimension Inc VAT
HP302005020mm x 50M£28.00£33.60view
HP302505025mm x 50M£36.00£43.20view
HP303205032mm x 50M£58.40£70.08view
HP306305063mm x 50M£172.50£207.00view
Cut Length Protecta-Line Pipe

Cut Length Protecta-Line Pipe

Dimension 63mm x 6M