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180X180CM Polyester Shower Curtain White RGD

HB code: SJ40001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£13.41 +vat)

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180X2000CM Polyester Shower Curtain White Rge

HB code: SJ40002    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£16.86 +vat)

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Module Shower Curtain Rail 4

Options: Inc VAT
SJ4100185000, 760mm£18.79£22.54view
SJ4100285100, 915mm£16.53£19.84view
SJ4100385200, 1830mm£21.64£25.96view
SJ4100485300, 2135mm£24.68£29.61view
SJ4100585500, 760 x 760£27.07£32.48view
SJ4100685600, 915 x 915£29.45£35.34view

Module Curtain Rail 4

Options: Inc VAT
SJ4100785700, 1675 x 760mm£30.97£37.16view
SJ4100886000, 760 x 760 x 760£43.79£52.55view

Module 4 GP 89000 43"-77" ADJ. Shower Rail

HB code: SJ41009    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£23.94 +vat)

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Crystal Curtain Rings Dozen AK142132

HB code: SJ42001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£1.69 +vat)

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Module 4 98700 36" Rail Ceiling Support

HB code: SJ41010    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£10.06 +vat)

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Samuel Heath Chrome Plate Curtain Rings (12 PACK)

HB code: SJ42003    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£6.18 / PACK
(£5.15 +vat)

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Module 4 98900 Hanger Hook & Glider Pack

HB code: SJ41011    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£5.58 +vat)

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Metlex ACTRV1931 Chrome Plated Ceiling Support

HB code: SJ42002    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£17.53 +vat)

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