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We are keeping our website online for pricing purposes but ordering has been disabled until further notice.

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Dart Masonry Drill Bits

Dart Masonry Drill Bits

DimensionRef Inc VAT
TP8020551505.5mm x 150mmNo.10£2.01£2.41view
TP8020651506.5mm x 150mmNo.12£2.02£2.42view
TP8020802008mm x 200mmNo.16£3.51£4.21view
TP80210015010mm x 150mmNo.20£2.59£3.11view
TP80212015012mm x 150mm£3.31£3.96view
TP80214015014mm x 150mm£4.15£4.97view
Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits

DimensionRef Inc VAT
TP8020500855mm x 85mm£1.22£1.46view
TP8020501505mm x 150mm£1.83£2.20view
TP8020550955.5mm x 85mm£1.24£1.49view
TP8020601006mm x 100mm£1.29£1.55view
TP8020651006.5mm x 100mmNo.12£1.27£1.52view
TP8020653006.5mm x 300mmNo.12£3.98£4.77view
TP8020701007mm x 100mm£0.92£1.10view
TP8020701507mm x 150mm£2.05£2.45view
TP8020801208mm x 120mmNo.16£1.73£2.08view
TP8020803008mm x 300mmNo.16£4.32£5.17view
TP80210011510mm x 120mmNo.20£2.19£2.62view
TP80210020010mm x 200mmNo.20£3.98£4.77view
TP80210030010mm x 300mmNo.20£4.77£5.72view
TP80216015016mm x 150mm£4.99£5.98view
TP80220016020mm x 160mm£6.87£8.24view
TP80220030020mm x 300mm£11.72£14.06view
TP80222030022mm x 300mm£16.80£20.16view
TP80222040022mm x 400mm£10.15£12.18view
Anuf Masonry Bits

Anuf Masonry Bits

DimensionRef Inc VAT
TN130501505mm x 150mmPR50150£0.68£0.81view
TN130801508mm x 150mmPR70150£0.76£0.91view
TN1310040010mm x 400mmPR10400£2.74£3.28view
TN1312040012mm x 400mmPR12400£3.15£3.77view
TN1314015014mm x 150mmPR14150£1.41£1.68view
TN1316015016mm x 150mmPR16150£1.74£2.08view
TN1316040016mm x 400mmPR16400£4.15£4.97view
TN1320016020mm x 160mmPR20160£2.28£2.73view