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Carbon Steel Tube Per M

Options: Inc VAT
HC40001515mm x 6M, PCTUBE15£1.89£2.26view
HC40002222mm x 6M, PCTUBE22£2.60£3.12view
HC40002828mm x 6M, PCTUBE28£3.49£4.18view
HC40003535mm x 6M, PCTUBE35£4.56£5.46view
HC40004242mm x 6M, PCTUBE42£5.21£6.25view
HC40005454mm x 6M, PCTUBE54£7.66£9.18view
HC40007676mm x 6M, PCTUBE76£17.36£20.82view
HC400108108mm x 6M, PCTUBE108£26.34£31.61view