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Pipe Clamp Connector

Options: Inc VAT
HR425149149-2, 1"£2.47£2.96view
HR432149149-3, 1.1/4"£3.32£3.98view
HR440149149-4, 1.1/2"£3.77£4.52view

Pipe Clamp Swivel Tee

Options: Inc VAT
HR432148148-3, 1.1/4"£3.85£4.61view
HR440148148-4, 1.1/2"£4.00£4.80view

Pipe Clamp Short Tee

Options: Inc VAT
HR425101101-2, 1"£2.18£2.61view
HR432101101-3, 1.1/4"£3.01£3.61view
HR440101101-4, 1.1/2"£3.46£4.15view

Pipe Clamp Long Tee

Options: Inc VAT
HR425104104-2, 1"£3.37£4.04view
HR432104104-3, 1.1/4"£5.11£6.13view
HR440104104-4, 1.1/2"£5.52£6.61view

Pipe Clamp Corner

Options: Inc VAT
HR425116116-2, 1"£2.98£3.57view
HR432116116-3, 1.1/4"£4.09£4.91view
HR440116116-4, 1.1/2"£4.63£5.56view

Pipe Clamp Two Socket Cross

Options: Inc VAT
HR425119119-2, 1"£3.20£3.83view
HR432119119-3, 1.1/4"£3.92£4.70view
HR440119119-4, 1.1/2"£5.08£6.09view

Pipe Clamp 90DG Elbow

Options: Inc VAT
HR425125125-2, 1"£2.61£3.13view
HR432125125-3, 1.1/4"£3.54£4.24view
HR440125125-4, 1.1/2"£4.26£5.11view

Pipe Clamp Double Swivel Comb

Options: Inc VAT
HR425167167-2, 1"£7.59£9.10view
HR432167167-3, 1.1/4"£8.90£10.67view
HR440167167-4, 1.1/2"£9.98£11.97view

Pipe Clamp Wall Plate

Options: Inc VAT
HR425131131-2, 1"£2.66£3.18view
HR432131131-3, 1.1/4"£3.29£3.94view
HR440131131-4, 1.1/2"£4.46£5.35view

Pipe Clamp Base Plate

Options: Inc VAT
HR425132132-2, 1"£3.86£4.63view
HR432132132-3, 1.1/4"£5.11£6.13view
HR440132132-4, 1.1/2"£6.38£7.65view

Pipe Clamp Plastic Stopend

Options: Inc VAT
HR425133133-2, 1"£0.28£0.33view
HR432133133-3, 1.1/4"£0.32£0.38view
HR440133133-4, 1.1/2"£0.36£0.42view

Pipe Clamp Swivel Base

Options: Inc VAT
HR425169169-2, 1"£4.97£5.96view
HR432169169-3, 1.1/4"£5.48£6.58view
HR440169169-4, 1.1/2"£5.95£7.13view

Pipe Clamp Swivel Comb

Options: Inc VAT
HR425173173-2, 1"£4.09£4.91view
HR432173173-3, 1.1/4"£5.04£6.04view
HR440173173-4, 1.1/2"£5.69£6.82view

Pipe Clamp Hand Rail Tube Plain End 1.1/4" (PER M)

HB code: HR432001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
£5.69 / METRE
(£4.75 +vat)

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Pipe Clamp Elbow 3-Way

Options: Inc VAT
HR425128128-2, 1"£3.66£4.39view
HR432128128-3, 1.1/4"£5.22£6.26view
HR440128128-4, 1.1/2"£6.41£7.69view