28mm X 13mm Climaflex Per Metre

Code: LI1113028
per m


Min Qty: 2


  • Fire performance: BLs1d0
  • Temperature range: up to +100 C (EN 14707)
  • Nr. CE-certificate: BC1-571-4133-0001-0

_x000d_ Polyethylene-based, closed-cell foam pipe insulation, with approved and established quality for use in heating and plumbing.

_x000d_ Thermal conductivity (DIN 52613 / EN ISO 8497):

_x000d_ 0,036 W/mK at 10 �C

_x000d_ 0,040 W/mK at 40 �C

_x000d_ 0,053 W/mK at 90 �C

_x000d_ Fire performance: BLs1d0

_x000d_ Temperature range: up to +100 �C (EN 14707)

_x000d_ Nr. CE-certificate: BC1-571-4133-0001-01

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