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Hyload Original DPC

Options: Inc VAT
BH11001100mm x 20M£13.71£16.45view
BH11002112mm x 20M£15.35£18.42view
BH11003150mm x 20M£20.56£24.67view
BH11004225mm x 20M£30.85£37.01view
BH11006300mm x 20M£41.13£49.35view
BH11007337.5mm x 20M£46.27£55.52view
BH11008450mm x 20M£61.69£74.03view
BH11009600mm x 20M£82.26£98.70view

Adesso Green Torch ON Cap Sheet 8 X 1M

HB code: BH2004    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£40.12 +vat)

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Plantex Patio Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BH20121M x 14M£11.52£13.82view
BH201242M x 25M£36.84£44.20view

Polythene DPC

Options: Inc VAT
BH13001112mm x 30M£2.52£3.02view
BH13002150mm x 30M£4.64£5.56view
BH13003225mm x 30M£7.57£9.08view
BH13004300mm x 30M£9.27£11.12view
BH13005337mm x 30M£10.41£12.49view
BH13006450mm x 30M£15.14£18.16view
BH13007600mm x 30M£19.78£23.73view

Torch Felt Underlay (16M)

HB code: BH2005    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£41.18 +vat)

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Top Sheet Green Felt 10 X 1M (56060000)

HB code: BH2001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£26.54 +vat)

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Shed Felt Green 10M

HB code: BH2006    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£19.07 +vat)

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Hyload Tanking Membrane 2000SA (15M)

HB code: BH2003    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£133.97 +vat)

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Adesso Black Torch ON Cap Sheet 8 X 1M

HB code: BH2008    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£41.96 +vat)

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Underslate Roofing Felt 1F 15M

HB code: BH2002    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£27.37 +vat)

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Rub S A Dampseal Primer 5ltr

HB code: BH2011    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£29.36 +vat)

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Iko Torch ON Vent Layer 20M

HB code: BH2007    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£63.04 +vat)

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Coldseal Top Sheet 6M (73040000)

HB code: BH20044    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£58.04 +vat)

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Coldseal Underlay 8M 73070000

HB code: BH20048    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£67.07 +vat)

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Roofpro Adhesive NO.38 5ltr

HB code: BH2013    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£32.04 +vat)

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