Galvanized Restraint Strap Heavy Duty 1.2M Bent 100mm

HB code: BJ0003    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£2.95 +vat)

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S/S Wall Ties (PK OF HRT4 20)

Options: Inc VAT

Galvanized Restraint Strap Heavy Duty 1.2M Twisted

HB code: BJ0013    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£3.07 +vat)

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Heavy Duty Angle Bracket

Options: Inc VAT
BJ001690 x 90 x 59mm, AB90£0.53£0.63view
BJ001790 x 150mm, AB90150£1.53£1.83view

Nail Plate

Options: Inc VAT
BJ0018114 x 203mm£0.55£0.66view
BJ0019152 x 51mm, BP15251£0.51£0.60view
BJ0020152 x 100mm£0.40£0.48view

Universal Frame Anchor Mfac

HB code: BJ0021    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.29 +vat)

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50mm Truss Clips TC50

HB code: BJ0022    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.32 +vat)

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Galvanized Restraint Strap Heavy Duty Straight

Options: Inc VAT

Gallows Brackets 360mm Per Pair

HB code: BJ0030    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£46.72 / PAIR
(£38.93 +vat)

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Joist Hangers JHM Galvanized

Options: Inc VAT
BJ13001100 x 50mm£1.48£1.77view
BJ13002125 x 50mm£1.41£1.68view
BJ13003125 x 75mm£2.88£3.46view
BJ13004125 x 100mm£3.73£4.47view
BJ13005150 x 50mm£1.65£1.97view
BJ13006150 x 75mm£2.47£2.96view
BJ13007150 x 100mm£2.58£3.09view
BJ13008175 x 50mm£1.65£1.97view
BJ13009175 x 75mm£2.30£2.76view
BJ13010175 x 100mm£2.70£3.23view
BJ13011200 x 50mm£1.87£2.24view
BJ13012200 x 75mm£2.15£2.57view
BJ13013200 x 100mm£2.42£2.90view
BJ13014225 x 50mm£2.13£2.55view
BJ13015225 x 75mm£2.49£2.98view
BJ13016225 x 100mm£2.58£3.09view
BJ130165225 x 150mm£3.35£4.01view
BJ13017250 x 50mm£2.03£2.43view

Mini Joist Hangers 50mm SM50

HB code: BJ10001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.44 +vat)

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Joist Hangers Jha Short Leg

Options: Inc VAT

Joist Hangers Jha Adjustable Long

Options: Inc VAT

Plastic Batten Packers (PK OF 200)

HB code: BJ18001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£21.02 / PACK
(£17.52 +vat)

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Herringbone Struts

HB code: BJ0023    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.57 +vat)

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