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Expamet Angle Bead Galvanized 550

Options: Inc VAT

Expamet 265 Metal Lath 2500 X 700mm Galvanized

HB code: BS3008    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£4.12 +vat)

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Expamet 560 T/C Stop Bead 2400mm Galvanized

HB code: BS1005    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£1.16 +vat)

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Expamet 570 Bell Drip Bead 3000mm Galvanized

HB code: BS1010    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£1.58 +vat)

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Bulldog Timber Connectors 50mm D/Sided

HB code: BS6011    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.26 +vat)

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Reinforcing Rod Length

Options: Inc VAT
BS600519mm x 3M£7.73£9.28view
BS600610mm x 3M£3.45£4.13view
BS600815mm x 3M£6.55£7.86view

BRCM Sheet

Options: Inc VAT
BS6001D49, 2.40M x 4.8M£36.81£44.17view
BS6002A142, 2M x 3.6M£19.69£23.63view
BS60025B785, 2M x 3.6M£65.58£78.69view

Expamet Top Coat Angle Bead Galvanized 553

Options: Inc VAT

Exmet Reinforced Mesh Galvanized

Options: Inc VAT
BS300165mm, 20M, 76320£4.87£5.83view
BS300265mm, 100M, 763100£45.13£54.15view
BS3003115mm, 20M, 76420£7.46£8.95view
BS3005175mm, 20M, 76520£11.68£14.01view
BS3006225mm, 20M, 76620£17.13£20.55view
BS3007305mm, 20M, 76720£29.91£35.89view

Expamet Stop Bead Galvanized

Options: Inc VAT
BS1006562, 10mm, 2400mm£1.17£1.40view
BS1007562, 10mm, 3000mm£1.45£1.74view
BS1008563, 13mm, 2400mm£1.24£1.48view
BS1009563, 13mm, 3000mm£1.53£1.83view

Expamet 6 Angle Bead 3000mm Stainless Steel

HB code: BS1011    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£3.46 +vat)

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Expamet 508 Bell Drip Bead 3000mm Stainless Steel

HB code: BS1013    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£4.84 +vat)

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Black Tying Wire 2KG

HB code: BS6004    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£11.23 / ROLL
(£9.36 +vat)

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Expamet 7 20mm Plaster Stop Bead 3000mm S/S

HB code: BS1012    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£3.60 +vat)

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Pack OF Dowel Caps For Reinforcing Bar (10)

HB code: BS6007    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£31.30 / PACK (10)
(£26.09 +vat)

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