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Masonry Nails (BOX OF 100)

Options: Inc VAT
BN0400125mm x 2.5£5.30£6.36view
BN0400230mm x 2.5£4.20£5.04view
BN0400340mm x 2.5£5.85£7.02view
BN0400450mm x 2.5£5.97£7.16view
BN0400560mm x 3.0£8.03£9.64view
BN0400675mm x 3.5£12.94£15.52view
BN04008100mm x 3.5£13.68£16.41view

Galvanized Square Twist Nail 30mm X 3.75 2.5KG

HB code: BN06226    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£16.95 / PACK
(£14.13 +vat)

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Lost Head Nail Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0614140mm, 2.5KG£11.37£13.64view
BN0614250mm, 3KG£11.98£14.37view
BN0614465mm, 2.5KG£10.42£12.50view
BN0624250mm, 500GM£2.53£3.03view
BN0634265mm, 1KG£3.91£4.69view
BN0634375mm, 1KG£4.56£5.47view

Cut Clasp Nail Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0614650mm, 2.5KG£20.63£24.75view
BN0614765mm, 2.5KG£16.02£19.22view
BN0614875mm, 2.5KG£20.63£24.75view
BN0639350mm, 1KG£7.53£9.04view
BN0639465mm, 1KG£6.81£8.16view
BN0639575mm, 1KG£8.98£10.77view

Round Wire Nails Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0615140mm, 2.5KG£11.27£13.52view
BN0615250mm, 2.5KG£9.92£11.90view
BN0615365mm, 2.5KG£9.62£11.54view
BN0615475mm, 2.5KG£12.01£14.40view
BN06155100mm, 2.5KG£11.30£13.56view
BN06156125mm, 2.5KG£8.98£10.77view
BN06157150mm, 2.5KG£8.98£10.77view
BN0625140mm, 500GM£2.62£3.14view
BN0625250mm, 500GM£2.44£2.93view
BN0633365mm, 1KG£4.19£5.02view

Oval Nail Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0616140mm, 2.5KG£13.27£15.92view
BN0616250mm, 2.5KG£11.86£14.23view
BN0616365mm, 2.5KG£11.07£13.27view
BN0616475mm, 2.5KG£10.89£13.06view
BN0634930mm, 500GM£3.53£4.23view
BN0635140mm, 500GM£3.12£3.74view
BN0635250mm, 500GM£2.86£3.42view
BN0636365mm, 1KG£4.44£5.33view
BN0636475mm, 1KG£4.44£5.33view

Galvanized Clout Nail Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0617030mm, 2.5KG£13.10£15.71view
BN0617140mm, 2.5KG£13.10£15.71view
BN0617850mm, 2.5KG£14.98£17.97view
BN0617965mm, 2.5KG£12.44£14.92view
BN0630850mm, 500GM£2.91£3.49view
BN0631030mm, 500GM£2.91£3.49view
BN0631140mm, 500GM£2.91£3.49view
BN0632075mm, 1KG£5.30£6.35view
BN0632765mm, 1KG£5.30£6.35view
BN06413140mm, 10KG£47.62£57.13view

Galvanized Round Nail Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0613875mm, 2.5KG£12.15£14.58view
BN06139100mm, 2.5KG£12.15£14.58view
BN0620650 x 2.65, 3KG£14.13£16.95view
BN0620765 x 2.65mm, 2.5KG£12.15£14.58view
BN0628350 x 2, 500GM£2.77£3.31view
BN0628465 x 2, 500GM£2.77£3.31view
BN0637275mm, 1KG£5.16£6.18view
BN06373100mm, 1KG£5.16£6.18view
BN06411075mm, 10KG£43.26£51.91view
BN064111100mm, 10KG£59.30£71.15view

Galvanized Jagged Polished Brass Nail Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0617630mm, 2.5KG£14.63£17.55view
BN0617740mm, 2.5KG£15.95£19.14view
BN0629030mm, 500GM£3.03£3.63view
BN0629140mm, 500GM£3.03£3.63view

Galvanized Spring Roof Pack 65mm

Options: Inc VAT

Galvanized Felt Nail Pack 20mm

Options: Inc VAT

Floor Brad Pack

Options: Inc VAT
BN0620350mm, 2.5KG£23.63£28.35view
BN0620465mm, 2.5KG£21.81£26.16view
BN0641750mm, 1KG£5.89£7.06view
BN0641965mm, 1KG£8.59£10.30view

Sher Panel Pins Pack 500GM

Options: Inc VAT

Sher Panel Pins 30mm 500GM Tray

HB code: BN06222    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£5.93 / PACK
(£4.94 +vat)

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Galvanized Clout Nail 75mm 2.5KG Tub

HB code: BN06174    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£15.08 / PACK
(£12.57 +vat)

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