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Selkirk IL Length

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1400121204, 4", 100mm x 305mm, (12")£17.66£21.19view
KQ1400221104, 4", 100mm x 457mm, (18")£19.52£23.41view
KQ1400320304, 4", 100mm x 914mm, (36")£34.92£41.90view
KQ1400420104, 4", 100mm x 1524mm, (60")£50.40£60.48view
KQ1500121205, 5", 125mm x 305mm, (12")£20.72£24.86view
KQ1500221105, 5", 125mm x 457mm, (18")£21.96£26.35view
KQ1500320305, 5", 125mm x 914mm, (36")£40.64£48.77view
KQ1500420105, 5", 125mm x 1524mm, (60")£61.98£74.37view
KQ1600121206, 6", 150mm x 305mm, (12")£24.56£29.47view
KQ1600221106, 6", 150mm x 457mm, (18")£27.20£32.63view
KQ1600320306, 6", 150mm x 914mm, (36")£46.62£55.94view
KQ1600420106, 6", 150mm x 1524mm, (60")£66.58£79.89view

Selkirk IL Adjustable Length

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1400521504, 4", 100mm x 305mm£22.21£26.64view
KQ1400621604, 4", 100mm x 457mm£30.09£36.10view
KQ1500521505, 5", 125mm x 305mm£25.10£30.12view
KQ1500621605, 5", 125mm x 457mm£36.52£43.82view
KQ1600521506, 6", 150mm x 305mm£31.61£37.93view
KQ1600621606, 6", 150mm x 457mm£40.61£48.73view

Selkirk IL Draughthood Connector

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1400729304, 4", 100mm£7.84£9.40view
KQ1500729305, 5", 125mm£8.86£10.62view
KQ1600729306, 6", 150mm£9.62£11.54view

Selkirk IL Adjustable Elbow 0-90DG

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1400822104, 4", 100mm£25.50£30.60view
KQ1500822105, 5", 125mm£30.11£36.12view
KQ1600822106, 6", 150mm£37.73£45.27view

Selkirk IL 07304 4" 100mm Gas Vent Terminal

HB code: KQ14009    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£29.09 +vat)

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Selkirk IL Wall Band

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1401128804, 4", 100mm£12.50£15.00view
KQ1501128805, 5", 125mm£13.28£15.93view
KQ1601128806, 6", 150mm£16.85£20.21view

Selkirk IL Stand Off Wall Bracket

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1401229804, 4", 100mm£11.94£14.32view
KQ1501229805, 5", 125mm£12.89£15.47view
KQ1601229806, 6", 150mm£14.24£17.09view

Selkirk IL Adaptor

Options: Inc VAT
KQ1501071605, 5", 125mm£19.50£23.40view
KQ1601071606, 6", 150mm£19.88£23.85view

Selkirk IL 04105 5" 125mm Storm Collar

HB code: KQ15014    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£9.53 +vat)

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