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BZP Bolt Hex Set Bolt

Options: Inc VAT
HF8212040M12 x 40mm£0.22£0.25view
HF8216040M16 x 40mm£0.48£0.57view

BZP Bolt Hex Set

Options: Inc VAT
HF8212050M12 x 50£0.25£0.30view
HF8212075M12 x 75£0.34£0.40view

BZP Bolt Hex Round Hex

Options: Inc VAT
HF8212060M12 x 60£0.32£0.38view
HF8212100M12 x 100£0.35£0.42view
HF8216050M16 x 50mm£0.60£0.71view
HF8216055M16 x 55mm£0.65£0.77view
HF8216060M16 x 60mm£0.68£0.81view
HF8216065M16 x 65mm£0.73£0.87view
HF8216070M16 x 70mm£0.76£0.91view
HF8216080M16 x 80mm£0.79£0.94view
HF8216090M16 x 90mm£0.86£1.03view
HF8216100M16 x 100mm£0.99£1.18view
HF8216120M16 x 120mm£1.07£1.28view
HF8220070M20 x 70mm£1.28£1.53view
HF8220090M20 x 90mm£1.64£1.96view
HF8220130M20 x 130mm£1.88£2.25view

BZP Hex Nut

Options: Inc VAT
HF828116M16, 16mm£0.17£0.20view
HF828120M20, 20mm£0.32£0.38view
IF032001M6, 6mm£0.02£0.02view
IF032002M8, 8mm£0.04£0.05view

BZP Washers DS

Options: Inc VAT
HF828216M16, 16mm£0.07£0.08view
HF828220M20, 20mm£0.11£0.12view
IF033001M6, 6mm£0.01£0.01view
IF033002M8, 8mm£0.01£0.01view

Brass Bolt Nut & Washer

Options: Inc VAT
HF8350152" x 1/2"£4.12£4.94view
HF8350172" x 5/8"£5.62£6.74view
HF8365152.1/2" x 1/2"£4.66£5.58view
HF8365172.1/2" x 5/8"£13.10£15.72view