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Cast Half Round Right Angle 135DG

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404626100mm, 192003£15.02£18.02view
LB1454628115mm, 192005£15.14£18.16view
LB1504630125mm, 192007£22.43£26.91view

Cast Ogee Union Clip

Options: Inc VAT
LB2404776100mm, 192148£9.71£11.65view
LB2454777115mm, 192149£11.82£14.18view
LB2504778125mm, 192150£13.68£16.41view

Cast Half Round Left Angle 135DG

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404634100mm, 192011£15.02£18.02view
LB1454636115mm, 192013£15.14£18.16view
LB1504638125mm, 192015£22.81£27.36view

Cast Half Round Left Angle 90DG

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404635100mm, 192012£14.74£17.68view
LB1454637115mm, 192014£15.14£18.16view
LB1504639125mm, 192016£17.83£21.39view

Cast Half Round Union Clip

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404642100mm, 192019£9.71£11.65view
LB1454643115mm, 192020£12.10£14.51view
LB1504644125mm, 192021£13.68£16.41view

Cast Half Round Stopend External

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404646100mm, 192023£4.96£5.95view
LB1454647115mm, 192024£6.39£7.67view
LB1504648125mm, 192025£6.39£7.67view

Cast Half Round Stopend Internal

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404650100mm, 192027£4.96£5.95view
LB1454651115mm, 192028£6.39£7.67view
LB1504652125mm, 192029£6.39£7.67view

Cast Half Round Right Angle 90DG

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404627100mm, 192004£14.74£17.68view
LB1454629115mm, 192006£15.14£18.16view
LB1504631125mm, 192008£17.83£21.39view

Cast Half Round Dropend Outlet

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404665100 x 65mm, 192039£16.82£20.18view
LB1454666115 x 65mm, 192040£18.86£22.62view
LB1504667125 x 75mm, 192041£21.07£25.28view

Cast Half Round Gutter 1829mm

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404819100mm, 192191£35.28£42.33view
LB1454820115mm, 192192£36.78£44.13view
LB1504821125mm, 192193£43.05£51.65view

Cast Ogee Angle 135DG Int

Options: Inc VAT
LB2404764100mm, 192136£15.94£19.13view
LB2454766115mm, 192138£17.30£20.75view
LB2504768125mm, 192140£22.80£27.36view

Cast Ogee 100mm 192137 Angle 90DG Internal

HB code: LB2404765    Brand:    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£15.35 +vat)

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Cast Ogee Angle 135DG Ext

Options: Inc VAT
LB2404770100mm, 192142£15.94£19.13view
LB2454772115mm, 192144£17.30£20.75view
LB2504774125mm, 192146£22.80£27.36view

Cast Ogee Angle 90DG Ext

Options: Inc VAT
LB2404771100mm, 192143£15.35£18.42view
LB2454773115mm, 192145£16.64£19.96view
LB2504775125mm, 192147£18.15£21.78view

Cast Half Round Nozzle Outlet

Options: Inc VAT
LB1404655100 x 65mm, 192031£14.33£17.19view
LB1454658115 x 65mm, 192033£15.63£18.75view
LB1454659115 x 75mm, 192034£15.63£18.75view
LB1504660125 x 65mm, 192035£17.83£21.39view
LB1504661125 x 75mm, 192036£17.83£21.39view