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Coil Yellow Poly Tube Diameter 50M

Options: Inc VAT

Philmac Yellow Gas Connector

Options: Inc VAT
HQ0100173122, 20mm£9.32£11.18view
HQ0100273133, 25mm£10.03£12.03view
HQ0100373144, 32mm£11.86£14.23view

Philmac Yellow Gas Reducer

Options: Inc VAT
HQ0100573132, 25 x 20mm£10.60£12.72view
HQ0100673143, 32 x 25mm£15.72£18.86view

Philmac Yellow Gas End Cap

Options: Inc VAT
HQ0100873029, 20mm£8.77£10.52view
HQ0100973039, 25mm£10.03£12.03view
HQ0101073049, 32mm£10.76£12.91view

Philmac Yellow Gas Tee Equal

Options: Inc VAT
HQ0101673322, 20mm£12.42£14.90view
HQ0101773333, 25mm£14.42£17.30view
HQ0101873344, 32mm£18.07£21.68view

Philmac Yellow Gas Tee Reduced Branch

Options: Inc VAT
HQ0102073332, 25 x 20mm£16.07£19.28view
HQ0102173343, 32 x 25mm£19.18£23.01view

Philmac Yellow Gas Elbow

Options: Inc VAT
HQ0102273522, 20mm£9.32£11.18view
HQ0102373533, 25mm£11.42£13.70view
HQ0102473544, 32mm£13.70£16.43view