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Polyfit Pipe

Options: Inc VAT
HK111503FIT315B, 15mm x 3M£3.68£4.41view
HK112203FIT322B, 22mm x 3M£6.98£8.37view

Polyfit FIT1715 15X1/2" Bent Tap Connector

HB code: HK2231515    Brand:polypipe    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£2.61 +vat)

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Polyfit Straight Coupling

Options: Inc VAT
HK21010FIT010, 10mm£1.39£1.67view
HK21015FIT015, 15mm£1.03£1.23view
HK21022FIT022, 22mm£1.62£1.94view

Polyfit Elbow

Options: Inc VAT
HK21110FIT110, 10mm£1.72£2.06view
HK21115FIT115, 15mm£1.23£1.47view
HK21122FIT122, 22mm£1.94£2.32view

Polyfit Spigot Elbow

Options: Inc VAT
HK21215FIT1015, 15mm£2.39£2.87view
HK21222FIT1022, 22mm£3.64£4.37view

Polyfit Equal Tee

Options: Inc VAT
HK21310FIT210, 10mm£2.01£2.41view
HK21315FIT215, 15mm£1.78£2.13view
HK21322FIT222, 22mm£2.63£3.15view

Polyfit Reducer End Tee

Options: Inc VAT
HK214151015FIT1415, 15 x 10 x 15mm£2.81£3.36view
HK214221522FIT1422, 22 x 15 x 22mm£2.96£3.55view

Polyfit Coil

Options: Inc VAT
HK1210050FIT5010B, 10mm x 50M£50.82£60.97view
HK1210100FIT10010B, 10mm x 100M£97.85£117.41view
HK1215025FIT2515B, 15mm x 25M£29.17£35.00view
HK1215050FIT5015B, 15mm x 50M£58.36£70.03view
HK1222025FIT2522B, 22mm x 25M£56.92£68.30view
HK1222050FIT5022B, 22mm x 50M£110.54£132.64view

Polyfit Straight Tap Connector

Options: Inc VAT
HK2211515FIT715, 15 x 1/2"£2.07£2.48view
HK2221520FIT71534, 15 x 3/4"£2.44£2.92view
HK2222220FIT722, 22 x 3/4"£2.69£3.23view

Polyfit Reduced Coupling

Options: Inc VAT
HK2191510FIT5815, 15 x 10mm£2.48£2.98view
HK2192215FIT5822, 22 x 15mm£2.92£3.50view

Polyfit Socket Reducer

Options: Inc VAT
HK2181510FIT1815, 15 x 10mm£1.19£1.43view
HK2182215FIT1822, 22 x 15mm£1.54£1.85view

Polyfit FIT1622 15x15x22mm Reducer Ends Tee

HB code: HK217151522    Brand:polypipe    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£3.01 +vat)

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Polyfit FIT3815 15X1/2 Straight Tank Connector

HB code: HK2201515    Brand:polypipe    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£1.78 +vat)

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Polyfit FIT1522 22x15x15mm Reducer End/Bra Tee

HB code: HK216221515    Brand:polypipe    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£2.96 +vat)

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Polyfit Reducer Branch Tee

Options: Inc VAT
HK215151510FIT1115, 15 x 15 x 10mm£2.69£3.22view
HK215222215FIT1122, 22 x 22 x 15mm£2.96£3.55view