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Polyplumb Spares Component Kit

Options: Inc VAT
HK58015PB9515, 15mm£0.08£0.09view
HK58022PB9522, 22mm£0.11£0.13view
HK58028PB9528, 28mm£0.30£0.36view

Polypipe Metal Pipe Insert

Options: Inc VAT
HK81010PB6410M, 10mm£0.26£0.30view
HK81015PB6415M, 15mm£0.25£0.29view
HK81022PB6422M, 22mm£0.30£0.36view

Polypipe PB6428 28mm Plastic Pipe Insert

HB code: HK81028    Brand:polypipe    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.40 +vat)

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