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Cleaner Sink Legs & Bearers Pair S9233MY S/S

HB code: SA92010    Brand:Armitage    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£66.73 / PAIR
(£55.61 +vat)

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Belfast Legs & 405 Bearers S/S Pair S9250MY

HB code: SA92006    Brand:Armitage    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£91.67 / PAIR
(£76.40 +vat)

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Alder 510X380 Cleaners Sink S590001 White

HB code: SA90001    Brand:Armitage    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£612.85 +vat)

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Belfast Sink White

Options: Inc VAT
SA9100118" x 15" x 8", S580001£137.79£165.35view
SA9100224" x 18" x 10", S582701£192.93£231.51view

Sissons Semi Recessed Round Sinkbowl

Options: Inc VAT
SS30001RB1, 355mm£56.43£67.71view
SS30002RB2, 430mm£73.65£88.37view

Belfast Legs & 355 Bearers S/S Pair

HB code: SA92005    Brand:Armitage    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£90.35 / PAIR
(£75.29 +vat)

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Birch Cleaners Sink White

Options: Inc VAT
SA90003455 x 380, S591501£354.77£425.72view
SA90004510 x 380, S592001£454.51£545.41view

Build IN Brackets Pair

Options: Inc VAT
SA9200714", S922167£28.51£34.21view
SA9200816", S921967£33.43£40.11view
SA9200918", S921767£32.96£39.55view

Angus S/S Cleaner Sink S5912MY

HB code: SA90002    Brand:Armitage    Delivery Type: Fragile (details)
(£304.72 +vat)

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Sissons RB3 Round Semi Recessed Sinkbowl 482mm

HB code: SS30003    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£79.38 +vat)

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Bearers Only For 18" Wide Belfast Pair

HB code: SA92002    Brand:Armitage    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£5.54 / PAIR
(£4.62 +vat)

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