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Grange Lap Fence Panel

Options: Inc VAT
DF000011.83M x 910mm£13.67£16.40view
DF000021.83M x 1.22M£15.03£18.03view
DF000031.83M x 1.52M£16.11£19.33view
DF000041.83M x 1.83M£17.74£21.28view

Deck Infil

Options: Inc VAT

75x75mm 3M Treated Arris Rail Brown

HB code: DF01001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£3.60 +vat)

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47x50mm 3.6M Treated Arris Rail

HB code: DF01002    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£3.45 +vat)

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22x150mm 3M Treated Gravel Board Brown

HB code: DF010025    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£3.83 +vat)

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Treated Fence Posts Brown 100x100mm

Options: Inc VAT

75x75mm 2.4M Fence Post Brown

HB code: DF01006    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£5.11 +vat)

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Feather Edge Fence Panel

Options: Inc VAT
DF001031.83M x 1.52M£25.09£30.10view
DF001041.83M x 1.83M£27.24£32.68view

Brown Treated Featheredge (EACH)

Options: Inc VAT
DF010415100mm x 1.5M£0.70£0.83view
DF010418100mm x 1.8M£0.85£1.01view

100mm X 1.65M Treated Featheredge BROWN(EACH)

HB code: DF0104165    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
(£0.77 +vat)

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Fence Post Caps Square Brown

Options: Inc VAT

Fence Trellis

Options: Inc VAT
DF020011800mm x 300mm£6.80£8.15view
DF020021800mm x 600mm£10.49£12.58view

32x150mm Grooved Decking Plain Pefc Per M 4.2

HB code: DF10100    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
£2.48 / METRE
(£2.07 +vat)

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Decking Classic Spindles 41x41x900mm

HB code: DF10301    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£1.59 +vat)

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Treated Featheredge Brown (EACH)

Options: Inc VAT
DF010412100mm x 1.2M£0.56£0.66view
DF010618150mm x 1.8M£1.27£1.52view