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Par Softwood (PER METRE)

Options: Inc VAT
DP1000112mm x 25mm£0.55£0.65view
DP1000216mm x 38mm£0.73£0.87view
DP1000316mm x 50mm£0.87£1.04view
DP1000412mm x 75mm£1.19£1.42view
DP1000512mm x 100mm£1.59£1.90view
DP1010119mm x 25mm£0.58£0.69view
DP1010219mm x 38mm£0.84£1.00view
DP1010319mm x 50mm£0.72£0.86view
DP1010419mm x 75mm£1.09£1.30view
DP1010519mm x 100mm£1.41£1.69view
DP1010619mm x 125mm£1.76£2.11view
DP1010719mm x 150mm£2.12£2.54view
DP1020125mm x 25mm£0.69£0.82view
DP1020225mm x 38mm£0.72£0.86view
DP1020325mm x 75mm£1.36£1.63view
DP1020425mm x 100mm£1.52£1.82view
DP1020525mm x 125mm£1.92£2.30view
DP1020625mm x 150mm£2.75£3.30view
DP1020725mm x 175mm£2.89£3.47view
DP1020825mm x 200mm£3.40£4.08view
DP1020925mm x 225mm£4.03£4.84view
DP1030132mm x 32mm£0.94£1.12view
DP1030332mm x 50mm£1.31£1.57view
DP1030432mm x 75mm£1.48£1.77view
DP1030532mm x 100mm£2.22£2.66view
DP1030632mm x 150mm£3.26£3.91view
DP1030732mm x 175mm£3.74£4.48view
DP1030832mm x 225mm£4.54£5.45view
DP1030932mm x 275mm£6.80£8.15view
DP1040138mm x 38mm£0.99£1.18view
DP1040238mm x 50mm£1.14£1.37view
DP1040338mm x 75mm£1.94£2.32view
DP1040438mm x 100mm£2.28£2.73view
DP1040538mm x 150mm£3.51£4.21view
DP1040638mm x 225mm£5.26£6.31view
DP1050450mm x 125mm£4.10£4.91view
DP1050550mm x 150mm£4.17£5.00view
DP1060175mm x 75mm£3.35£4.02view
DP1060275mm x 100mm£5.09£6.11view
DP10701100mm x 100mm£8.88£10.65view

22mm X 50mm Par Whitewood (PER M)(2.1 & 3M)

HB code: DP11001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£0.74 / METRE
(£0.62 +vat)

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4.2M Length 18mm X 69mm MDF Ogee Architrave

HB code: DP20103    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£5.88 / LENGTH
(£4.91 +vat)

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32mm X 38mm Par Softwood (PER METRE)(2.1M)

HB code: DP10302    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£1.22 / METRE
(£1.02 +vat)

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22mm X 150mm Par Whitewood (PER METRE)

HB code: DP11002    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£2.17 / METRE
(£1.82 +vat)

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Par Door Lining (PER METRE)

Options: Inc VAT
DP1210132mm x 115mm£2.64£3.16view
DP1210232mm x 140mm£3.22£3.85view

Length MDF Chamfered Architrave 4.2M

Options: Inc VAT
DP2010114mm x 45mm£2.99£3.58view
DP2011618mm x 68mm£5.00£6.00view

4.2M Length 14mm X 94mm MDF Chamfered Skirting

HB code: DP20102    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£7.04 / LENGTH
(£5.87 +vat)

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Par Softwood (PER & M)(2.1 3M)

Options: Inc VAT
DP1050150mm x 50mm£1.46£1.74view
DP1050250mm x 75mm£2.18£2.61view
DP1050350mm x 100mm£2.87£3.44view

Chamfered Architrave

Options: Inc VAT
DP2010419mm x 50mm£0.71£0.84view
DP2010619mm x 63mm£1.27£1.52view
DP2010719mm x 75mm£0.94£1.12view

Ogee Architrave

Options: Inc VAT
DP2010519mm x 50mm£1.01£1.20view
DP2010825mm x 63mm£1.19£1.42view
DP2011025mm x 75mm£1.29£1.55view

Ovolo Architrave

Options: Inc VAT
DP2010925mm x 63mm£1.69£2.03view
DP2011125mm x 75mm£1.29£1.55view

4.2M 14.5mm X 94mm MDF Pencil Round Skirting

HB code: DP20113    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£6.91 / LENGTH
(£5.76 +vat)

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4.2M Length 18mm X 144mm MDF Ovolo Skirting

HB code: DP20114    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£12.48 / LENGTH
(£10.40 +vat)

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4.2M 14.5mm X 69mm MDF Pencil Round Architrav

HB code: DP20112    Brand:    Delivery Type: Heavy (details)
£5.17 / LENGTH
(£4.31 +vat)

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