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Sawn And Treated

Sawn And Treated

SizeDimension Inc VAT
DS0220753022mm x 75mm£1.28£1.53view
DS02210030480022mm x 100mm£1.22£1.45view
DS14705030300047mm x 50mm£1.08£1.29view
DS14707530300047mm x 75mm£1.56£1.87view
DS14707536360047mm x 75mm£1.56£1.87view
DS14707542420047mm x 75mm£1.56£1.87view
DS14707548480047mm x 75mm£1.56£1.87view
DS14710030300047mm x 100mm£1.85£2.21view
DS14710036360047mm x 100mm£1.85£2.21view
DS14710042420047mm x 100mm£1.85£2.21view
DS14710048480047mm x 100mm£1.85£2.21view
DS14710054540047mm x 100mm£1.85£2.21view
DS14710060600047mm x 100mm£1.85£2.21view
DS14712536360047mm x 125mm£2.60£3.12view
DS14712542420047mm x 125mm£2.60£3.12view
DS14712548480047mm x 125mm£2.60£3.12view
DS14715030300047mm x 150mm£2.77£3.32view
DS14715036360047mm x 150mm£2.77£3.32view
DS14715042420047mm x 150mm£2.77£3.32view
DS14715048480047mm x 150mm£2.77£3.32view
DS14715054540047mm x 150mm£2.77£3.32view
DS14715060600047mm x 150mm£2.77£3.32view
DS14717536360047mm x 175mm£3.64£4.37view
DS14717542420047mm x 175mm£3.64£4.37view
DS14717548480047mm x 175mm£3.64£4.37view
DS14717554540047mm x 175mm£3.64£4.37view
DS14717560600047mm x 175mm£3.64£4.37view
DS14720036360047mm x 200mm£4.16£4.99view
DS14720042420047mm x 200mm£4.16£4.99view
DS14720048480047mm x 200mm£4.16£4.99view
DS14720054540047mm x 200mm£4.16£4.99view
DS14720060600047mm x 200mm£4.16£4.99view
DS14722536360047mm x 225mm£4.68£5.61view
DS14722542420047mm x 225mm£4.68£5.61view
DS14722548480047mm x 225mm£4.68£5.61view
DS14722554540047mm x 225mm£4.68£5.61view
DS14722560600047mm x 225mm£4.68£5.61view
DS17510048480075mm x 100mm£3.32£3.98view
DS17515048480075mm x 150mm£4.98£5.97view
DS17522560600075mm x 225mm£7.47£8.96view
Stamped Batten

Stamped Batten

Ref -, PER M
SizeDimension Inc VAT
DS21903842420019mm x 38mm£0.35£0.42view
DS21903845450019mm x 38mm£0.33£0.39view
DS22503842420025mm x 38mm£0.45£0.53view
DS22503848480025mm x 38mm£0.43£0.51view
DS22505042420025mm x 50mm£0.60£0.72view
Sawn And Treated Firrings

Sawn And Treated Firrings

Dimension Inc VAT
DS550363.6M x 2"£0.99£1.18view
DS575424.2M x 3"£1.26£1.51view