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- Stamped Batten (PER M)

Options: Inc VAT
DS2190384219 x 38mm, 4.2M£0.28£0.33view
DS2190384519 x 38mm, 4.5M£0.27£0.32view
DS2190384819 x 38mm, 4.8M£0.24£0.29view
DS2250384225 x 38mm, 4.2M£0.35£0.42view
DS2250384525 x 38mm, 4.5M£0.32£0.38view
DS2250384825 x 38mm, 4.8M£0.32£0.38view
DS2250504225 x 50mm, 4.2M£0.46£0.55view

- Sawn & Treated (PER M)

Options: Inc VAT
DS0220753022 x 75mm, 4.8£0.93£1.11view
DS0221003022 x 100mm, 3M£1.10£1.31view
DS1470503047 x 50mm, 3M£1.00£1.20view
DS1470753047 x 75mm, 3M£1.50£1.80view
DS1470753647 x 75mm, 3.6M£1.50£1.80view
DS1470754247 x 75mm, 4.2M£1.50£1.80view
DS1470754847 x 75mm, 4.8M£1.50£1.80view
DS1471003047 x 100mm, 3M£1.65£1.97view
DS1471003647 x 100mm, 3.6M£1.65£1.97view
DS1471004247 x 100mm, 4.2M£1.65£1.97view
DS1471004847 x 100mm, 4.8M£1.65£1.97view
DS1471005447 x 100mm, 5.4M£1.65£1.97view
DS1471006047 x 100mm, 6M£1.65£1.97view
DS1471253647 x 125mm, 3.6M£2.50£3.00view
DS1471254247 x 125mm, 4.2M£2.50£3.00view
DS1471254847 x 125mm, 4.8M£2.50£3.00view
DS1471503047 x 150mm, 3M£2.45£2.93view
DS1471503647 x 150mm, 3.6M£2.45£2.93view
DS1471504247 x 150mm, 4.2M£2.45£2.93view
DS1471504547 x 150mm, 4.5M£2.07£2.47view
DS1471504847 x 150mm, 4.8M£2.45£2.93view
DS1471505447 x 150mm, 5.4M£2.45£2.93view
DS1471506047 x 150mm, 6M£2.45£2.93view
DS1471753647 x 175mm, 3.6M£3.50£4.20view
DS1471754247 x 175mm, 4.2M£3.50£4.20view
DS1471754847 x 175mm, 4.8M£3.50£4.20view
DS1471755447 x 175mm, 5.4M£3.50£4.20view
DS1471756047 x 175mm, 6M£3.50£4.20view
DS1472003647 x 200mm, 3.6M£4.00£4.80view
DS1472004247 x 200mm, 4.2M£4.00£4.80view
DS1472004847 x 200mm, 4.8M£4.00£4.80view
DS1472005447 x 200mm, 5.4M£4.00£4.80view
DS1472006047 x 200mm, 6M£4.00£4.80view
DS1472253647 x 225mm, 3.6M£4.50£5.40view
DS1472254247 x 225mm, 4.2M£4.50£5.40view
DS1472254847 x 225mm, 4.8M£4.50£5.40view
DS1472255447 x 225mm, 5.4M£4.50£5.40view
DS1472256047 x 225mm, 6M£4.50£5.40view
DS1751004875 x 100mm, 4.8M£3.19£3.83view
DS1751504875 x 150mm, 4.8M£4.79£5.74view
DS1752256075 x 225mm, 6M£7.18£8.61view

- Sawn & Treated Firrings (PER M)

Options: Inc VAT
DS550362", 3.6M£0.75£0.90view
DS575423", 4.2M£1.22£1.46view