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Endfeed Imperial TO Metric Coupling DB601IM

Options: Inc VAT
HD910013 x 76£30.67£36.80view
HD910024 x 108£48.12£57.74view

Endfeed Fitting Reducer (c) 6012

Options: Inc VAT
HD0000322 x 15£0.29£0.35view
HD01002015 x 8£0.27£0.32view
HD01002115 x 10£0.23£0.27view
HD01002328 x 15£0.72£0.86view
HD01002428 x 22£0.52£0.62view
HD01002535 x 15£1.59£1.90view
HD01002635 x 22£1.14£1.36view
HD01002735 x 28£1.15£1.38view
HD01002842 x 15£2.49£2.98view
HD01002942 x 22£2.70£3.24view
HD01003042 x 28£2.75£3.30view
HD01003142 x 35£2.74£3.28view
HD01003254 x 28£4.46£5.35view
HD01003354 x 35£4.59£5.51view
HD01003454 x 42£4.66£5.59view

Endfeed Slip Coupling (c) 600

Options: Inc VAT

Endfeed Slip Coupling 600

Options: Inc VAT

Endfeed 12mm 601 Straight Coupling

HB code: HD010009    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£0.66 +vat)

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Endfeed Imp/Met Coupling (c) 601IM

Options: Inc VAT
HD0100351/2 x 15£0.22£0.26view
HD0100363/4 x 22£0.51£0.60view
HD0100371 x 28£2.03£2.43view

Endfeed Female Straight Union (c) 633UA

Options: Inc VAT
HD01011522 x 1"£2.25£2.70view
HD01011628 x 1"£3.76£4.51view

Endfeed Straight Coupling (c) 601

Options: Inc VAT

Endfeed Female Coupling (c) 703

Options: Inc VAT
HD02000515 x 1/2"£0.53£0.64view
HD02000622 x 3/4"£0.81£0.97view
HD02000728 x 1"£1.65£1.98view
HD02000835 x 1.1/4"£2.47£2.96view
HD02000942 x 1.1/2"£3.43£4.11view
HD02001054 x 2"£5.84£7.00view

Endfeed Male Coupling (c) 704

Options: Inc VAT
HD02001115 x 1/2"£0.58£0.69view
HD02001222 x 3/4"£1.04£1.25view
HD02001328 x 1"£1.94£2.33view
HD02001435 x 1.1/4"£4.49£5.39view
HD02001542 x 1.1/2"£3.91£4.69view
HD02001654 x 2"£10.31£12.36view

Endfeed 15X1/2" 7334 Male Straight Union Connector

HB code: HD020041    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£17.45 +vat)

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Endfeed Male Straight Union 7334

Options: Inc VAT
HD02004222 x 3/4"£19.71£23.65view
HD020042228 x 1"£25.59£30.70view

Endfeed 22X15 702 Eccentric Coupling

HB code: HD90020    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£4.45 +vat)

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Endfeed Reduced Coupling (c) 601R

Options: Inc VAT
HD01001622 x 15£0.49£0.58view
HD01001728 x 15£0.81£0.97view
HD01001828 x 22£0.71£0.85view
HD010018554 x 42£4.56£5.46view

Endfeed 15mm 701D Air Vent Coupling

HB code: HD020001    Brand:    Delivery Type: Standard (details)
(£4.83 +vat)

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